Instructions for beginners and advanced players

Anna Krenz
Project exhibited at Galeria Kronika, Bytom, Poland 2007; Projektraum Uqbar, Berlin, Germany, 2008; CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland, 2008.

Manual CC is a set of game manual-scenarios, that have been submitted by artists on special cards, all of which are of the A5 format. During the exhibition, the cards are placed in special display cases with holders for copies of the original instructions, which can be picked up and collected by visitors. Following the manual instructions, the visitors can, inside or outside the gallery, recreate the artists’ projects, which are single player or group games. As a part of the exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art, besides the cards submitted by artists, a video programme and an archive of sound materials that include works concerning the game, instruction and participation are also presented.

The idea/concept of Manual CC is the participation of the viewer in the process of creating and experiencing artistic phenomena, through the scale of the project, its hand-made approach as well as its "use" – its functioning within the social space. The project is composed of “instructions for beginners and advanced users” with over ninety artists involved so far. The number of participants, both artists and “users”, is constantly growing.

Curated by:
Sebastian Cichocki, Marianna Dobkowska, Magdalena Lipska

All rights reserved, Copyrights by Anna Krenz®