Anna Krenz
Project exhibited at the Kunstinvasion, in Blumengrossmarkt/Berliner Kunsthalle, Berlin, 2008
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One building, two signs, three chairs

The idea of PLACEBO is to borrow: the space, the artwork, and seats, and to put them in a new context. As Blumengroßmarkt was used as a market hall, it now becomes a new function – it is a temporary art space. Same building, new use – this creates a new quality for the building and the surroundings. Therefore I have decided to use two other elements which belonged to different situations. First: two large pink banners with an inscription: “Achtung! Achtung!” and second: three pink blow-up chairs.

The Signs

“Achtung! Achtung!” sign is part of a project “German Lesson”. It is one of first German words which I have learned as a child. The expression “Achtung! Achtung!” was often used in Polish propaganda movies about the World War 2. “Achtung! Achtung!” sign is borrowed from a different project to create a different artwork and to evoke different associations in a new situation. However in a new context “Achtung! Achtung!” becomes a new meaning. In German “Achtung” means: respect, regard as well as a warning. It is a warning but also an invitation to Blumengroßmarkt, turned into an art space. Large scale sign provokes to take notice of the space, of the art which is there for two days and of the context of Kunstinvasion. Being “only” a sign, it allows for paying attention to attention (sign). It also motivates people to imagine, to rethink and to create their own thoughts, also about the issues of the contemporary art gallery (Kunstinvasion).

“Less/is/more/less” is also borrowed. Mies van der Rohe’s famous sentence is however changed to point the architectural context of the building - the temporary and not accurate use of it, more or less as an art space. It is also a provocation for a discussion about the contemporary art space.

The Chairs

People, who come to the Blumengroßmarkt during the show, were be able to sit back and contemplate not only the exhibition, the building, but mainly the sign itself, as such. The audience was be provided with three pink air-puffs, which I got from Tesla as a gift, while the Transmediale team was emptying the basement in the building of Tesla. These chairs belonged to a different project, now they will be part of the installation at the Kunstinvasion. The chairs are to be placed in front of the “Achtung! Achtung!” signs.

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