Anna Krenz (born 1976 in Poznan, Poland) is an artist and an architect. Subjects of her art are social and political issues, gender, environment, stereotypes and religion. She works with various forms of artistic expression and media, from drawings, paintings, photography and video to net-art and performance. Anna Krenz takes part in solo- and group exhibitions in Germany, Poland and internationally. In 2000-2003 she was collaborating with two other female architects in Studio Sinus_3, and participated in various projects and competitions. Since 2003 Anna Krenz is a co-owner of the Galerie ZERO in Berlin, an exchange and exhibition platform for Eastern European artists with focus on polish art. She is a co-founder of the band "the Curators", which is into improvised and experimental music. Since April 2007 she is Editor-in-Chief of a polish design magazine “VOX Design”. She is also freelance journalist, specialised in architecture, for major polish architectural magazines. Since 2003 Krenz lives and works in Berlin.

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