Press texts published
Vox Design, Poznań/ Warsaw/ Berlin
2007/6 „Electric Photosynthesis”
2007/6 „Hotel Q, The Most Famous Bathtub in Berlin”
2007/5 „Dixon to sit on”
2007/5 „Transparent Fibre”
2006/4 „The Carnival of Cities, 10th International Architecture Biennale in Venice”

Czas Kultury, Poznań
2008 "Papatriotyzm wg Adama Michnika"
2006/12 "Meta Biennale, 10th International Architecture Biennale in Venice"

Architektura & Biznes magazine, Cracow:
2008/11 "Utopia in Venice"
2008/01 “New Acropolis”
2007/06 “New Polish House”
2006/12 “China, the dragon which eats itself”
2003/11 "Compact cities"
2003/9 "Interview with Peter Greenaway, about Architecture"
2003/6 “In gray – Colors in the Polish architecture of PRL”
2003/5 “Projects for the Hinter dem Giesshaus 1 Gallery in Berlin”
2003/5 “50th Biennale of Art in Venice”
2002/3 “Media Spree –Big Bubble in Berlin”
2003/2 “NAi prize”
2003/2 “The FLOW”
2002/10 "What is Dutch Architecture like?"
2002/10 "The future of architecture, architecture of the future - 8th Biennale of Architecture, Venice"
2002/09 "Pop-conference - UIA2002, Berlin"
2002/09 "City Revival and Sustainable Development"
2002/07/08 "Beyond Media - Architecture on Video"
2002/07/08 "NEXT Biennale of Architecture, Interview with Deyan Sudjic"
2001/09 “Plateau for Art - Biennale of Art in Venice”
2000/09 “International Conference URBAN21”

Architektura - murator magazine, Warsaw:
2002/06 "Beyond Media Conference" [internet site]
2000/10 “Man-city-internet, polish project on the Biennale of Venice”
2000/10 “Weclome! Take off your shoes and feel at home! VIIth Biennale of Architecture in Venice”
2000/02 “Tips for future architects - interview with Rem Koolhaas and Jacques Herzog”
2000/02 “Bigness and Velocity…”
1999/10 “Intensive course of maturity - architectural workshops in Chodziez”
1999/04 “Poznan provocations - SARP competition”
1999/04 “What was this competition all about?” - anonymous
1998/11 “Organizer's diary - how we did OSSA”
1998/06 “Poznan OSSA`89 - workshops”
1998/06 “OSSA - Polish Architecture Students` Association”

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