The Curators are an all democratic Band which follows more an art concept that any musical styles. It refuses the dictatorship of notation, a strict song structure or any other rules which were created in the last 50 years of music industry. The Curators were formed in Berlin in March 2007 by Anna Krenz and Jacek Slaski who run the art space- Galerie ZERO and by the freelance camera operator Patrick Classen. All three are non-educated and non-professional musicians but just follow an artistic idea and concept while creating the Curators. The democratic element can be seen on the way how the three musicians are set. Although Anna Krenz and Patrick Classen are the guitarists and Jacek Slaski is playing keyboards, this can change in every moment of their performance. As well there are no prepared concepts, lyrics and song orders during the concerts, it is a free form improvisation which refers to the free-jazz modulations of Sun Ra, the revolutionary approach to music by The Velvet Underground or to the monotonous sound-sculptors by Hermann Nitsch.

The Curators:
Art Princess (Anna Krenz) - Pink E-Guitar
JP Sonic (Patrick Classen) - E-Guitar
Jack E Zero (Jacek Slaski) - Keyboard, Tenori-on, E-Violin, Theremin, Drums, Vocals
Concert: SENSOR audio-visual performance with Thomas Wagner
15.10.2010, Shoot-me Film Festival, the Hague
Concert: SENSOR audio-visual performance with Thomas Wagner
30.06.2009, MAK - Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna
MAK NITE event - Warsaw Calling

Concert: Kulturrevue present: Banditen. The Curators with Doc Schoko play The Godz
09.04.2009, R’n’R Highschool, Berlin

Concert: SENSOR audio-visual performance with Thomas Wagner
28.03.2009, Galerie M, Berlin-Marzahn

Recording: The Curators & Doc Schoko play Godz
December 2008, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
Video: Dietmar Post

Concert: SENSOR audio-visual performance with Thomas Wagner
20.11.2008, Juno Lounge, Berlin

Concert: SENSOR audio-visual performance with Thomas Wagner
8.11.2008, Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna, Warsaw
MAK NITE event

On the MAK Nite evening the Curators have invited an artist and musician Thomas Wagner (Sensor, Herr Blum) who performed live action painting. The played the music, and controlled video projections on canvas by Tenori-on. Thomas Wagner was painting using an oil-paint brush with a touch sensor, so his painting was also influencing the video projections, distorting it. All in a loop of music, video and action painting. The result of the performance were two paintings created by Thomas Wagner based on the music of the Curators.

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Concert: The Curators featuring: Floating di Morel, Thomas Wagner
31.05.2008, Kunstinvasion exhibition opening, Blumengrossmarkt/Berliner Kunsthalle, Berlin
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Album "Contact High with the Curators"

We are the Curators
Driving in the Bus
I am far too long here
Fascist Insect
Plain Gold Ring
I am a Curator
Dance like a Junkie
Lady Bird
Last Song from Planet Earth
Outside the Town

Patrick Classen / electric guitar
Anna Krenz / pink electric guitar, voice
Jacek Slaski / keyboard, violin, theremin, voice
with Wolfgang Seidel / drums, piano, synthesizers

Produced by Wolfgang Seidel / Berlin 2008

All music and lyrics by the Curators, except track 6 / Lady Bird / Lyrics: Lee Hazlewood;
and track 9 / Plain Gold Ring / Lyrics: Earl S. Burroughs

Concert: The Curators with Wolfgang Seidel & Johnny Zabala
11.08.2007, Planet Prozess finale & block party, Berlin
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Concert: Solo on pink guitar
"Achtung! Achtung!" by Anna Krenz, exhibition opening, May 2007, BWA Galleries, Wrocław
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