Indigo Girls

Anna Krenz
2009 - on

Indigo Girls

Chinese artists often refer to their cultural traditions, but also they turn to the Western model, both in artistic themes and medium. Learning about contemporary Chinese art, where the themes of portraits of young Chinese girls are very popular, Krenz examines this theme as a European, looking at the models and the proportions of an Asian face, and then presents her own portrait of Chinese women. Asian girls are associated either with mysterious icons, pioneers of communism in navy blue uniforms or with exotic beauties. Here, however, the girls are looking impenetrable over the horizon, thoughtful.

The dominant color in the portraits is indigo refers, which to the Indigo children that are intelligent above average, with a vast knowledge not within the usual categories - they are therefore often isolated from the environment. Here, the Indigo Girls hide the mysteries of life, the eternal struggle between good and evil and the harmony of the universe. Blood red lips accentuate the inevitable pain, despair, and sadness, which are irrevocable part of life, the part that the authorities of the Great Dragon would prefer to silence, not to show it to the world. Yet there is the opposite side of life there, of which the Indigo Girls are silent.

Five portraits presented are part of the ever-growing collection. At the end of the project there will be 99 portraits.

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